By Fr. Felix (African Times Guest Writer)

According to the Gospel of Luke (21:5:-11) each

of the three synoptic (same perspective)

Gospels (Mt.,Mk., & Lk) has this great discourse

by Jesus before the final days of Jesus’ life and

ministry begin.

In Mark and Matthew the discourse is centred

on the destruction of Jerusalem as a sign and

portent of the conclusion of all history, when

the son of man will come in his majesty. But for

Luke it is different. He is here concerned with

the destruction of the Temple itself and of the

city of Jerusalem.

The Son of Man is considering primarily the

events of 70AD, when the Roman armies

sacked the city.

So the location of this discourse remains the

Temple, whereas in Mark and Matthew Jesus

and his disciples are on the hill opposite the

city, the Mount of Olives, looking at the

staggering view of the city, ‘these large


In Luke 21.7 they are talking not about signs of

the end when finally ‘these things will be

brought to an end’, but only about the

destruction of the Temple, ‘when these things

will happen’.

So in Luke Jesus stresses that ‘the end will not

come at once’ (v. 9), and the work of the

disciples is to happen ‘before all these

things’ (v. 12).

The Gospel of The Lord teaches us on how the

Son of Man is exhausted, weak or ill but may be

there, ever to avoid evil and to do good.

And pleading to his Father the Almighty Great

God to Grant him strength never to tire in his

daily journey to the Lord’s Spirit.

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