By Chris Ojow

World Health Organisation (WHO) has

repeatedly in their Global briefings, stated that

the coronavirus pandemic is here for long and

to stay with us.

The States Globally has been informed by the

World Health Organisation to learn and adopt

ways of preventing, containing more infections

by adhering to health measures.

The economic situations of all Nations

Worldwide is collapsing, as they fight to stop

further spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Kenya, Residents of Eastleigh demonstrated

after the Government issued lockdown orders,

for lack of food and water, a lockdown to be

successful the developing Nation like Kenya

must plan well on ways of feeding it’s people

during the isolation to avoid rebellion from

majority of Citizens who live on hand to mouth.

The time has come for Kenyans to learn to live

with the coronavirus pandemic by following the

guidelines to safe guard their precious lives.

The Kenyan Government must soften their

stand and allow businesses to reopen, end

National curfew allow movement for the

collapsing economy to regain slowly.

Also put measures on how our Children’s can

resume learning with strictness after wasting

two months due to the pandemic.

On Saturday 23rd May 2020 during his weekly

briefing to the Country, the Head of State

announced plans for an ease to the ongoing

restrictions including curfew.

The head of State, frankly stated that the

Country cannot be on lockdown forever, while

the Citizens are starving, businesses closed

and the number of jobless surging.

As thousands of Kenyan Citizens displaced by

floods and over two hundred lost their lives,

while the Ministry of Water, Irrigation,

Agriculture and Health blinded by the surging

numbers of coronavirus infections and yet

hundreds of Kenyans losing their lives from

other pressing issues ignored.

While news of misappropriation coronavirus

pandemic funds donated by well wishers in a

bid to help the victims refusing to go with the

quarantine victims narrating pathetic conditions

and experience.

American President Donald Trump insisted that

he has found the cure to the pandemic, with

medics faulting him for acting without much

consultations, even though he claims that the

Hydroxy chloroquine which is meant to treat

malaria is his new treatment for coronavirus.

And his counterpart Madagascar President

Andry Rajoelina boasting that his newly found

herbal mixture which is in the process of

approval, is the new cure for coronavirus, with

several African States placing their orders for

the herbal.

Kenya declared a cessation of movements in

early April, where movement was restricted in

five County mapped out as hot spot, Nairobi,

Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa and later Mandera.

In his address the Head of State acknowledged

that Kenyans were suffering and the Country

cannot be on lockdown forever, life must

continue and businesses which contribute to

the Country economy must operate.

Globally Nations that are implementing

lockdown in their regions has means and are

able to provide relief packages daily for their

Citizens, including money to sustain their lives,

the UK, Spain, Italy and USA did the same in

New York State where it is badly infected and

affected, well wishers also chipping in.

It is easy to say stay at home when you have

food, money and your Job or business is

assured, but in Kenya 80% of the population is

hand to mouth struggling to make ends meet .

The Citizens under lockdown should be the

State responsibility by protecting them from

unreasonable landlords, feeding and providing

clean water.

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