Kenyan Head of State, President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the time to implement radical changes to wipe out Coronavirus spread is now. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

The deadly Coronavirus is becoming a menace

Globally, with several States Worldwide

implementing radical measures to stop the

spread as hundreds of thousands lives are no


The Commander in Chief of the Republic of

Kenya must first, in an ongoing efforts to

reduce the spreads of Coronavirus, free petty

offenders from our Country Prisons, free

convicts with lesser sentences and those in

remand and unable to raise cash bails should

also be freed.

The effort will help and most likely bear fruits in

congesting our populated Country prisons, in

that effort chances of the deadly Coronavirus

spreading within our Prisons is automatically

safe, locked.

The Kenyan Head of State should also order our

law enforcement units within the Country to

avoid overcrowding of offenders within Police

cells Nationally , by ordering that petty

offenders should not be arrested and charged

but be subjected to manual Jobs, and arrests of

Traffic offenders to be suspended for four

weeks, since it breeds corruption and bribery.

Eighty percent of Kenyan 47 million population

are not employed “hand to mouth” simply

means that they have to make ends meet on a

daily basis.

To avoid the spread, the Head of State should

suspend Countrywide Rent payments and Tax

remittance for a period of sixty days, the

gesture will reduce the daily hustle and three

quarter of the Country population will

quarantine themselves.

Also the Government need to facilitate by

acquiring rice, maize and beans distribute to

the forty-seven million population for a period

of one month, that’s a sure bet of controlling the

pandemic since there will be no forceful

quarantine but a willing one.

Alternatively the Head of State of Kenya,

instead of paying civil servants only a whooping

payed leave, just go Italy style where the 47

million population is quarantine for thirty days

with each citizen of Kenya receiving 20,000

Kenya shillings for self facilitation which will

cost the Country 940 billion Kenya shillings


The US Government, Turkey, UK and Italy has

implemented the suggested idea by Chris Ojow,

the award winning crime investigations

Photojournalist and Founder of

www.africantimes.co.ke a popular online

newspaper within African Continent as a radical

measure to contain more spread of the deadly


A total ban of all flights into the Country should

also be implemented for a period of four weeks

and those Kenyan Citizens retuning home must

be subjected into fourteen day quarantine to

avoid more previous blunders that has cost us

our usual peace.

Time for the Beautiful Super Power Country

within the East African Region to sacrifice in

order to survive and protect the future

generations is now.

Attitude change amongst the Citizens of Kenya

must also change where their personal hygiene,

must be the priority above anything else, put

aside personal investments and wealth

gathering by saving each and everyone’s life.

The deadly pandemic has grounded all the

economy of the entire States globally, with

majority of workforce soon being rendered

jobless Worldwide.

Factories are shutting down since they are

unable to import raw materials for their daily

operations and lose making becomes the order

of the day .

As several States Globally shutting down

learning institutions and aggressively urging its

citizens to stay indoors, the only measure in

preventing new infection c

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