The second applicant in petition number 638 of 2020 Bhavin Devji at Milimani law Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW

Applicant Harish Mawjee at Milimani law Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Through their Officer of the Court Harry Bob

Mosi, the applicants alleged that the Officers

from Director of Criminal Investigations

(DCI) unlawfully, illegally obtained, seized and

confiscated their properties.

Through a miscellaneous criminal application

file number 638 of the year 2020, in the matter

for verification of the order allegedly issued on

21st February the year 2020.

Applicants Harish Mawjee and his Son Bhavin

Devji are seeking the Chief Magistrate

orders to stop the police from unlawfully

detaining them, they are also seeking for

temporary order compelling the police to return

all the property unlawfully seized, pending the

inter parties hearing and determination.

The applicants further seeks an order for

temporary injunction restraining the police from

further harassment, seizing, confiscating their


Harish Mawjee and Bhavin Devji appeared

before Nairobi’s Chief Magistrate Martha

Mutuku at Milimani law Court, where the two

highlighted their predicaments in the hands of

police officers under Director of Criminal

Investigations, where the Court directed the

applicants to serve the Respondent and appear

before it in mid May for inter parties hearing

pending determination.

The court was also informed by the applicants

in their filed application before it, that Serving

Police Officer number 85552 Corporal Charles

Odhiambo allegedly forged the search warrant

order dated 21st of February 2020 contrary to

section 351 of the penal code.

Harish Mawjee and his Son Bhavin Devji seeks

the Chief Magistrate discretion to verify the

search warrant order at the centre of the storm.

They pray for Nairobi’s Chief Magistrate Martha

Mutuku to declare the said search order as null

and void, the genesis of matter arose after the

applicants allegedly detected that, the signature

of the issuance Court Magistrate was missing,

plus the rubber stamp in the search warrant


… More information will be revealed next week

Wednesday in the ongoing saga of Father and

Son beef with the Country Investigating

Department and the genesis, which is shrouded

with hidden secrets that engineered the raid….

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