Rachel Wambui at Milimani Law Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Newly married 25 year old orphaned mother of

ninety days old baby risk spending her entire

lifetime in Kenyan Prison if found guilty of

attempted murder.

It is alleged that a youthful orphan Rachel

Wambui who admitted that she was high after

intoxicating her self with alcohol and also

cannabis Sativa (Bhang, Marijuana) attempted

to kill her three months old baby.

The respondent a resident at Langata Estate

Nairobi County, had a small misunderstanding

with her 47 year old husband and threatened to

end the life of their angle.

Whereby upon sensing danger, the husband

managed to disarm the Intoxicated and

emotional wife of one year and a half in their


And handed her to the law enforcement unit at

Langata Police Station Nairobi County Kenya ,

where he also recorded a statements.

Section 220 (a) of the penal code states that

the maximum punishment for attempted

murder is life sentence and also it depends

with the circumstances of the alleged offence .

Any person who in section 220 (a) attempted

unlawfully to cause the death of another; or (b)

with intent unlawfully to cause the death of

another does any act, or omits to do any act

which it is his duty to do, such act or omission

being of such a nature as to be likely to

endanger human life, is guilty of a felony and is

liable to imprisonment for life.

The 2010 new Constitution of the Republic of

Kenya, article 49 (1), (f), (g) Under a notice of

motion, Rachel Wambui who was handed over

to the law enforcement unit Langata Police

Station Nairobi County by her husband 22 years

older than her on Thursday 02nd April 2020 and

arraigned before Nairobi’s Senior Magistrate M.

Nanzushi on Friday 03rd April under

miscellaneous application.

Where the Detectives investigating the alleged

attempted murder through their application

filed before a lower criminal court Chief

Magistrate Office , submitted before the duty

Court requesting for more days to complete

their preliminary investigation.

And the application seeking for more days to

hold the respond in police custody pending

further investigation was granted, where

Rachel Wambui is also set to be admitted at

Mathari Mental Hospital Nairobi County for

mental check up, before pleading to the alleged

preferred attempted murder charges on Monday

6th April 2020 at 9.30am East Africa Time,

through a signed order delivered by Nairobi’s

Senior Magistrate M. Nanzushi at Milimani Law

Court Nairobi County Kenya on Friday 03rd April


Section 210 as read with section 389 of the

Children’s act number 8 of the year 2001,

prohibits the alleged attempted offence by

Wambui against her own baby, the alleged

offence was committed on Wednesday 01st

April 2020 during the Global traditional fools

day .

Cases of family members turning against their

own blood due to domestic abuse, violence and

misunderstanding keeps increasing in Kenya ,

since the Society has also run away from their

previous role of nurturing the youth into

adulthood, gone are the days where the Society

with much efforts took responsibilities as part

time Mentors, Parents, Counselors and

Guardians in Nurturing /moulding future

responsible personalities Countrywide .

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