The lawyer at the rescue of the Country sexual offenders totaling to over four thousand, Shadrack Wambui (second left) with his colleagues at Milimani Law Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT

The accused Newton Kinyua who was charged with defilement and committing indecent assault at Milimani lower criminal Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Sheria Mtaani initiator Shadrack

Wambui an Advocate of the High Court of the

Republic of Keny successfully filed an

application at Milimani High Court Nairobi

County Kenya, seeking legal representation for

the charged accused with defilement, rape and all convicted

sexual offenders.

Sexual offences in Kenya are categorised as

serious crimes or offences which attracts a

maximum of hash penalties.

In Kenya sexual offences occurs daily

with several reported cases being genuine and

half of them being manufactured by the Victims

themselves, and that has been proved within

the corridors of judiciary by the Victims through their

after thought testimonies.

Due to this ongoing rampant mischievous

habits resulting to innocent Kenyans

unnecessarily being convicted on alleged manufactured

flimsy accusations on serious offences of rape,

defilement, sodomy and attempted sexual

offences which majority deny they are not aware of

and have never committed, the Sheria Mtaani legal office

located along Juja Road Nairobi County at the Sprawling

slum of Mathare Nairobi County Kenya filed an application

before the High Court seeking an order compelling

adherence on fair representations when accused are

prosecuted with sexual offences where in

most cases are rushed by the State in prosecuting.

As Shadrack Wambui was filing the application

Seeking for the proper representations of

the accused being charged with sexual

offences at the lower criminal courts within the Country.

on Tuesday 24th November at 13.14 pm East

Africa Time, a youthful Kenyan 21 year old

Newton Kinyua Kimathi was charged with a

serious sexual offence of defilement without

being given the opportunity to be represented

by the advocate of his choice or the trial Court

issuing an order compelling the State

Prosecution to ensure that the accused is

properly represented due to the serious charges

he was facing.

Newton Kinyua Appearing before Nairobi’s Chief

Magistrate Martha Mutuku on Tuesday 24th

November was charged with two counts of

committing an indecent act with a child of

eleven years old

contrary to section 11 of the sexual offences

act number 3. of the year 2006 and defilement

contrary to section 8 (1) (2) of the sexual

offences act number 3 of year 2006.

Where the youthful accused without proper

representation by the advocate pleaded not

guilty and was freed on a bond of two hundred

thousand surety of the same or a cash bail of

0.1 million Kenya shillings, without being

informed by the Court that the charges leveled

against him are serious and attract hash penalty

hence he need to be

represented by the advocate of his choice and if

he’s unable to afford one then the State

Prosecution should arrange through writing by

the accused to be represented by the State


In his application under the certificate of

urgency filed before the High Court which was

certified as urgent. The Lawyer in one of his several

prayers is seeking for the court order for the accused

facing defilement or rape charges be allowed

to choose the advocate of their choice inline to

Article 50 of the Country New Constitution or be

provided with the advocate by the State under Article 49

of the new Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, be tried

fairly where the court is scheduled to give

directions on the application on 08th

December 2020 at 9am East Africa Time

at Milimani Law Court Nairobi County Kenya.

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