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Former masinde muliro University graduate Sister Syombua of St. Peter Mombasa during her hearing of the petition at the High Court, where lawyer Shadrack Wambui won. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW

Sheria mtaani office along Juja Road Nairobi. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT

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Lawyer Shadrack Wambui at Milimani High Court. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

A great brilliant idea has been initiated by a

Kenyan active member of the Vibrant Law

society of Kenya (LSK) youthful lethal

upcoming Veteran Lawyer Shadrack Wambui by

Initiating Sheria Mtaani to assist residents.

Wambui is the initiator of the great noble idea

of assisting the Kenyan based Capital City

Residents who always finds difficulties to

navigate the corridors of Justice when they are

faced with legal issues.

The youthful Officer of the Court, Shadrack

Wambui admitted to the bar several years ago

and an advocate of the high Court of Kenya,

jointly with other youthful advocates within the

Republic of Kenya, will be assisting Residents

of Nairobi on legal issues through Wambui’s

residential legal office Sheria Mtaani, based

along Juja Road Nairobi, at Kiboro House next

to Kiboro children’s playing ground Mathare

Sprawling slums Mabatini ward Nairobi County.

The free weekly legal clinics every Friday is to

create awareness among residents of Nairobi in

familiarising themselves with the existing laws

of the Country and be able to execute their

issues well within the corridors of Justice

system through the help of lawyers.

The weekly legal Clinics specifically organised

by Sheria Mtaani based in the Sprawling slum

of Mathare Nairobi, is to assess every issue

forwarded by the residents and to give

directions on the way forward in handling the

matter, an issue Kenyans have been missing on

how best they can solve their pressing issues

within the Law Courts in the country.

Shadrack Wambui is a great youthful upcoming

Veteran Lawyer in the Country and was born

and bread in the Country Sprawling slum and

due to pressing issues that the slum dwellers

experience with limited resources to enable

them get the best legal minds in representing

their daily predicaments, the youthful lawyer

initiated the process of identifying pressing

issues and providing legal directions through

Sheria Mtaani a free of charge legal services.

Shadrack Wambui is also remembered for

fighting for the rights of one of Masinde Muliro

University Student in the year 2017, where a

female middle aged student, a Sister (Nun)

from St. Joseph, in Mombasa, was prevented

from Graduating in Bachelor of Commerce

Degree after her name was omitted from the

graduating list of 2017 because she was among

the students with the huge amount of fee


The Student Sister Syombua got hold of

Shadrack seeking the services of the youthful

aggressive lawyer, an advocate of the High

Court, Mr. Shadrack Wambui, where through her

lawyer Wambui, Sister Syombua filed an

application before the Country Constitutional

Court and in one of her several prayers, seeking

the Constitutional Court to issue orders

compelling the University to add her name in

the graduating list of the year 2018.

And luckily during the delivery of the ruling on

Tuesday 14th December year 2018, the High

Court Judge, Justice Chacha Mwita in his

lengthy ruling delivered at Milimani Law Courts

Nairobi County Kenya, delivered a landmark

ruling ordering Masinde Muliro University to

add the name of Sister Syombua to the

graduating list which was to take place in the

next three days, on Friday.

The speedily action of the up coming Kenyan

Veteran Lawyer Shadrack Wambui speaks

volume and destined for great unpredictable

happenings in the future as a lawyer with a

passion and full of successful outcomes.

Shadrack Wambui is the Initiator of Sheria

Mtaani legal Office and you can get in touch

through 0700 26 00 86

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