Happier days the Deputy President William Ruto and Sacked Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa in a light moment at Harambee Annex Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO/CORRESPONDENT


By African Times Special Correspondent

Fresh details emerged from the Harambee

Annex puzzle where former Cabinet Secretary

Rashid Echesa is a key suspect in plotting 39

billion Kenya shillings in a fake tender deal

involving Poland based arms dealer, Eco

Advanced Technologies LLC.

It is also alleged that close family members of

the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto were

allegedly involved in the alleged mega scandal

in the Country where Complainant are


The lucky Primary School dropout who was

elevated to the position of a Cabinet Secretary

through political links and later

unceremoniously sacked.

Rashid Echesa was arrested on the eve of

Valentine Thursday 13th February 2020,

following a complaint by two gun dealers who

claimed he had swindled them Sh11.5 million

they had paid as ‘consultancy fees.

They claimed that the former CS had allegedly

promised to use his relationship with the

Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto to help

them secure the multi-billion shillings security

tender to supply the government of Kenya with

military surveillance equipment, guns, and

ammunitions .

According to an officer at the Director of

Criminal investigations (DCI) headquarters

who’s identity will not be revealed to avoid

jeopardising ongoing investigations.

The Preliminary investigations have revealed

that the former CS Rashid Echesa was not

acting alone in the fraud that reads like a

Hollywood script, but was allegedly being aided

by senior officers at the Deputy President office

Harambee House Annex and alleged Kenyan

Consular in Poland.

It all started at the exclusive Raffles Europejski

Hotel in the heart of Warsaw, Poland where it is

alleged Rashid Echesa first met representatives

from Eco Advanced Technologies LLC.

And after establishing contact, Echesa, returned

to Kenya supposedly to facilitate the tendering

process and preparation of the contract


Eco Advanced Technologies LLC invited him

again to Poland for a second meeting where

two agents were appointed to represent the firm

in the deal.

The disturbing information going round alleges

that Rashid Echesa was accompanied by close

family member of Deputy President William and

Top Senior staff at Harambee Annex where it is

also alleged that both were hosted at Sofitel

Warsaw Victoria Hotel in Warsaw for several


It is alleged that in the Preliminary

investigations revealed that the close family

member of

the Deputy President had traveled to Poland as

a Government Official under the invitation of his

Immediate family member who is Kenya’s

Chargee D’Affaires.

A Chargee D’Affaires (CDA)

is a diplomat who heads an embassy in the

absence of the ambassador.

Such a role is usually created when two

countries do not have full diplomatic relations.

A series of trips followed and the company is

alleged to have paid the consultancy fee of Sh

11.5 million that was directly wired to Echesa’s

Bank Account.

It’s is after this payment the representatives of

Eco Advanced Technologies arrived in Nairobi

and were hosted at one of the Controversial

Hotel belonging to influential top politician over

land where it was built for several days before

the alleged con-game hit the fan.

This went awry and the alleged con-game was

blown apart, with Mr Echesa being arrested and

interrogated at the Director of Criminal

investigations (DCI) headquarters on Thursday

13th February 2020 along Kiambu Road.

The officials of the Eco Technologies is alleged

met ‘military officials’ and were given access to

the DP’s office, where it is also alleged they

signed the tender documents with a Ministry of

Defence where it is also alleged that the newly

appointed Cabinet Secretary for Defence Signed

the alleged documents before they were picked

for questioning.

They met a military ‘general’ with a swagger

stick and who was driven in escorts and top-of-

the-range vehicles and they walked into the

DP’s office Harambee Annex mingling with

staffers and security detail made the deal look


But in the back of their mind, “something was

not right” but they trusted their contact persons.

The company is based both in Poland and the

US and it’s representatives were to supply,

install, commission and maintain an integrated

communication and security surveillance

system on behalf of the Kenya Defence Forces.

One of the company representatives, an

Egyptian who gave their account of the story

the investigators on Thursday, said the request

for the

deal was initiated via an e-mail sent to the firm

through the website months ago.

He said they had done due diligence ahead of

Thursday’s planned meeting and eventual


According to the DCI, the tender documents of

the said deal were found in the former CS’s car

following a search conducted after his arrest

around 10am East Africa Time .

He said though there were plans to meet the DP,

the meeting never took place since, in the last

meeting, Mr. Echesa stepped out of the office to

answer a call only to come back and allegedly

said that the DP was in a meeting.

Senator James Orengo has called for the office

of the Deputy President to be sealed, vacated

and treated

as a crime scene until the Director of Criminal

Investigation complete their investigation.

While the Lugari National Assembly

Representative Ayub Savula has called for the

Deputy President to present himself to Director

of Criminal investigations to record Statement

over the alleged scam.

The controversial politician, who was sacked

from his Cabinet position by President Kenyatta

in March last year, has had several collisions

with the law, this being his second arrest in nine

months after his arrest over the killings in


He was arrested alongside Kakamega Senator

Cleophas Malala and Mayoni MCA Libinus


Their arrest happened after a gang killed more

than 30 people in less than four months, in

attacks believed to have been financed by local


The CS was later released after two days of

interrogation, on claims that no evidence was

found linking the former CS to the killings.

In January last year, the politician was accused

of human trafficking after eight Pakistani and

one Indian belly dancers, who were found at

Balle Balle club in Parklands without valid

documents, were linked to him.

The dancers had been flown into the country

through special permits issued to them by the

former CS under Cultural dances coming to

perform in the Country.

They were later deported for engaging in

activities outside what had been specified in

their entry documents.

Those arrested include former CS Rashid

Echesa and his three accomplices Mr.

Clifford Okoth, Mr. Kennedy Oyoo Mboya, and

Mr. Daniel Otieno Omondi.

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