Key suspect Allan Kiprotich Chesang who vied for Kwanza Parliamentary seat in the August 8 General election and miserably lost was charged together with his co accused at Milimani Law Courts. Allan was remanded at Nairobi Industrial Area Remand Prison for feigning sickness. PHOTO /SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT


By Stephen Ngei Musyoka (Special Guest writer)

In late 2018 Makindu motors lost 317 million Kenya shillings to fraudsters, in a deal gone south at the Deputy President’s office.

In what was fronted as a genuine Government tender to supply some 2800 pieces of HP 8 series Laptops to the office of Deputy President.

Dr. William Ruto’s , operatives based at and operating from Harambee house Annex presented a tender documents to Makindu motors expressly granting the supply contract.

In a very interesting twist of events, there’s the Dubai royal family gold saga entangling local prominent personalities and by extension the same suspects in the Makindu motors tender ordeal.

Then comes the Governments of Kenya in the twist, where in what according to international relations experts was putting “Kenya-Dubai relations in jeopardy”.

And it was unanimously agreed that the government was to allegedly advance the amounts involved in the Maktoum gold scam!

Simply put, The Dubai ruler’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum money that he had lost to the fraudsters was allegedly paid from taxpayers coffers by alleged Government of Kenya.

It’s interesting that the Government is suspected to have advanced a scandal money to the Emirati.

And yet one of our own prominent businessman in Kenya who was robbed at day time by the said individuals has shockingly not yet had a day of justice for the criminal’s acts, leave alone being advanced a payment!

This country has been thrown to the dogs!

( The views expressed at African Times Media website are exclusively from Stephen Ngei Musyoka , Prominent Businessman in Kenya)

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