USA leader Donald Trump faces impeachment after the release of inquiry at Capital Hill Washington. PHOTO /SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

While releasing the US President Donald Trump Impeachment report at Capital Hill, Washington on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 9.19am morning American time and 5.25pm evening East Africa Time.

Led by the United States of America House Speaker Nancy Pelosi through a live press briefing, accused their elected President of abuse of office and obstructing Congress inquiry.

The Democrats while releasing the impeachment report accused Donald Trump of compromising the National Security of the United States of America.

The US President was also accused in the report released on 10th Tuesday December 2019 of Preventing White House officials from Testifying in the impeachment inquiry and preventing the release of phone conversations documents and other vital documents.

The Democrats alleged in their final released report that the US President Donald Trump allegedly interfered with the 2016 US General election where Russian Government was allegedly accused of aiding Trump to win the election .

And in the impeachment report Trump was also accused of seeking Ukraine Government support to interfere with the coming 2020 US General election and also to investigate the Democrats Presidential Contestant on a alleged financial sponsors.

The claims the US President Donald Trump rubbished as a big joke, illegal forum, time wasting and idle sitting Democrats characters, the US President denied all the accusations by the Democrats impeachment inquiry as a political witch hunt.

Following the released Donald Trump Impeachment report, the Russian Government through their Leader Putin thank the Almighty Great God for being cleared from the US elections interferences as Ukraine Government become the latest boxing punching bag in US elections interferences .

The current US FBI Director Christopher Wray was blasted by Donald Trump for taking side and by supporting the released Democrats impeachment report, stressing that the US head of States endangered the US National security by opening up to Ukrainian Government through a recorded phone conversation.

The Democrats while releasing their President Donald Trump impeachment inquiry report repeatedly said that no one is above the US law including the President.

It is alleged that the United States of America President Donald Trump abused his office powers and obstructed the Congress committee proceedings.

The Democrats unveiled the two articles of US President Donald Trump impeachment.

As the US president again slammed the FBI Investigations on Russian probe on 2016 US General election through his usual outbursts in social media outlets.

US Impeachment released report accused the sitting President Donald Trump of undermining the National security for his own personal interest.

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