The Coronavirus pandemic has suddenly changed the lifestyles of Kenyans into responsible Citizens. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Suddenly due to the fear of getting infected by

Coronavirus, Kenyans attitudes has changed

and everybody has turned to The Almighty

Great God to protect them including the Country

elected leaders.

The deadly pandemic Coronavirus terrorising

the world has made Kenyans to remember God

and live like one Family, kenyans are very

conscious, observing personal hygiene and

extra alert towards one another contrary to the

previous life.

It is no secret that wealth accumulation and

being rich is not a priority at the moment in

Kenya, but life prevention, life saving has

suddenly taken over and is the priority


Taking us back to the biblical story where

wealth is not associated with the Almighty

Great God and a good example is where the

chosen one Jesus Christ the Son of God went

through temptations over wealth but due to his

faith, his calling to save us from our sins and

believe made him declined the great offer of

owning a City and being the richest.

In Kenya the deadly pandemic has brought

Kenyans together, praying, and praising God has

become the priority among all Kenyans, calling

for the Creator to be their driver in their daily


The other great scenario that has been

witnessed in the wake of this pandemic, is the

silent of political bickering within the Country,

Kenyans are now wishing that they better live

without political players, who have played roles

of insulting one another and very busy

castigating, inciting violence and diving

Kenyans through the tribal lines .

“God forbid” but let the truth be told if

Coronavirus was to declare war amongst

Kenyans, then Politicians should be the first


Kenyans are shocked and are unable to believe

that due to the fear of contracting Coronavirus

and the partial Lockdown within the Country

through Curfew declaration ,

where some activities has been declared illegal,

like political gatherings, worshiping and


Kenyans has suddenly realised that the entire

Country is

peaceful, more coexistence, accommodating

and a great environment worth living without


Our daily news are always full of negativity

thanks to

immature and unnecessary daily political

supremacy, save for the developments and

unfulfilled promises to the Societies within


For the first time in history, our beloved

Children’s are now seeing their fathers, eating

evening meals together, being taken out,

Fathers sharing ideas together with their wives

and above all fathers spending their time

with family.

Going by the statistics, the rate of domestic

violence, separations and divorce will reduce

drastically, the time where Fathers used to

spend their productive times in social places is

long gone, thanks to the deadly pandemic


Majority of Families in Kenya are now happily

living, very healthy, providing and spending time

together, as Kenyan women say the situation is

a God send from loneliness to happy living.

But their is a population that has been losing

and very disadvantageous, the commercial sex

workers has been devastated by the deadly

pandemic since their potential clients has

reunited with their families.

The business community has been hit severely,

since the buyers are scampering for safetyness

their lives has suddenly became so


As time goes the devolved 47 Government’s


the Country will soon issue orders where

traveling will be restricted unless otherwise, the

Coronavirus has instilled fear and personal

precautions that no one wants to gamble his


The deadly pandemic that has turned Italy into

Miseries and a bereaving Nation for

ignoring the Government directives, as the Most

powerful Nation the USA is soon becoming a

begging Nation by taking the lead in new cases

of Coronavirus infections taking over from Italy

While Spain battle to control the new infections

by implementing self precautions.

While China registering positive outcome, with

the reduction of infections and businesses

resuming as life back to normal but very alert.

The life styles of Kenyans has suddenly

changed, with the citizens adopting new way of

surviving from the deadly pandemic as the

Almighty Great God being Worshiped and urged

to protect and take charge of lives .

Only time will tell.

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