The most finest Advocate of the High Court in Kenya, Senator James Orengo. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

The East and Central Africa Super power, one

among top six influential States and the most

developed Nations economically, infrastructural

and in democracy Kenya has a majority of the

sharp, great and finest Advocates of the High

Court in the World.

A lawyer is a person whose job is to give advice

about the law and prepare court cases or speak

for one side or behalf of his client of a case

before a law court.

A lawyer is also a highly valued person in the

Country who practises Law as an Advocate and

they are usually referred as Attorneys,

Barristers, Canonists especially those in the

Military, Officers of the Court, the Bar when they

are many, Advocates or simply call them Public


Lawyers usually represents the parties in

Criminal or Civil trials by presenting evidence

and arguing in support of their clients before

Courts of law or Tribunal, they also act on

behalf of their clients in signing trade deals


Some of the finest lawyers in Kenya are: James

Bob Aggrey Orengo, he’s a Senior Counsel

the undisputed a walking Constitution of Kenya.

The Doyen Senior Counsel cuts the niche of a

distinguished jurist and legislator in Kenya.

Orengo is also a veteran politician second in

Country liberators of the democratic freedom,

Orengo is the only politician who has been

elected severally without printing a single

poster advertising his candidature.

In 2017 General election Orengo made history,

successfully petitioning the disputed General

election and won after the Kenyan Supreme

Court the Highest Court on the land nullified the

ruling Jubilee win, Orengo is also a well known

human rights activist and currently the elected

Siaya County Senator.

Paul Muite, Senior Counsel he’s an experienced

veteran and distinguished lawyer who fought for

the multiparty democracy in the second

liberators of the Republic of Kenya .

Hon .Martha Karua Kenya’s Iron lady who vied

for the Gubernatorial position and lost to

controversial lady politician Waiguru, Martha

Karua belongs to the aphorism of “First Among

Equals”.She has unparalleled skills in law.

Prof. Tom Ojienda, Senior Counsel the Great

Professor has contributed immensely to the

field of Academia and litigation. He has

successfully urged and settled numerous

jurisprudence in Kenya and across the common

wealth jurisdiction, Prof Tom Ojienda is also a

former Kenyan Judicial employer having been

elected to seat at the panel of Judicial Service

Commission for several years.

Nelson Havi, he is the legally elected President

of the law society of Kenya. He is the bravest

and First class skilled Lion of litigation. He is

the only roaring Lion in Kenya’s juridical plains

in these times timid.

Julie Soweto, She is a distinguished practitioner

of law and Guru of Constitutional law. She is a

rare breed of distinction.

Felix Keaton Kiprono, the youthful lawyer

represents zeal and passion in the legal

profession.He is a distinguished Commercial

and Criminal law lawyer.

Otiende Amollo, he is a distinguished lawyer

and an elected legislator, who has initiated

several developments in his Constituency .

Alex Gatundu, He is one of the best brainy

lawyers in Kenya.He is known for his unparalled

skills in litigation.

Kipchumba Murkomen, the elected Senator was

a lead lawyer in the Sudi case . He is a

distinguished Academician , Legislator and

Lawyer. He is a rare blend and one of the Great

Lawyers in Kenya.

Kioko kilukumi is one of the veteran advocate of

the high Court and very loyal, down to earth.

Ahmed Nassir is a senior counsel, very

controversial and the Country President Lawyer

together with soft spoken Fred Ngatia.

Cecil Miller the veteran lawyer who has chosen

a low profile lifestyle and he’s currently

representing the Nairobi County Governor in

several Anti Corruption cases before various

Senior Magistrates at Milimani Anti Corruption


Top Criminal lawyers Cliff Ombetta and

Danstan Omari are the most famous within the

Country, where all the accused being charged

With murder allegations and fraudulently

obtaining run for their help to purchase for their

freedom, where they usually succeed by bailing

them out.

Not forgetting the youthful promising

Advocates, the likes of, Abdul hakim, David

Ayuo, Anthony Oluoch the law maker, Opondo

Kaluma, Shadrack Wambui, Collins Kosele and

the list is endless.

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