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By Denis Mbau

Work spouse relationships are quite common in

Kenyan organizations.

Overall, 70% of therespondents mentioned that

they are aware of work spouse relationships

going on within their organization

About 64.1% of the respondents have had or are

currently in a work spouse relationship.

Of these respondents who have had or are

currently in a work spouse relationship, 61.1%

are married, 13.8% are in a romantic


24.3% are single while 0.8% are divorced or widowed.

Slightly more than half 52.2% have been in work

spouse relationships for between 1 to 4 years,

37.8% have been in a work spouse relationship

for less than one year and the rest 10% have

been on a work spouse relationship for over 5


The most talked about topic of discussion

amongst work spouses is workload and tasks.

Other topics include home issues, current

affairs & news etc.

About 41% of the work spouses like to stay in

touch even beyond the office hours.

Slightly more than half, 53.8% either have kept

their work spouse partners as a secret or are

single and they don’t have a significant other in

their lives at the moment.

66.5% of the respondents have had their work

spouse influence their career decisions.

78.7% of the respondents would continue with

their work spouse relationships even if the work

spouse left the workplace/ organization.

On Valentine’s Day, only 15.1% of

the respondents will gift their work spouses.

The majority 63.1% will only wish their work

spouses a happy Valentine’s Day while the rest

21.8% will do nothing for their work spouses.

76.7% of the HR professionals do not encourage

work spouse relationships.

Only 48.3% of the organizations have a policy

on relationships in place.

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