Suspected terrorists school going grown-ups Swalleh Ali and Abdallah Athman at Milimani law Court Nairobi County Kenya. PHOTO /CHRIS OJOW


By Chris Ojow

Even with a stern warning by the Country no

nonsense Cabinet Secretary for Interior and

National Coordination Dr. Fred Matiangi, that

those behind radicalization of our future leaders

will be smoked out from their terror cells, has

not stopped youthful Kenyans especially from

the coastal region being recruited to join

Alshabaab terror group.

The terrorist recruiters allegedly based at the

coastal region, seem to have taken advantage

of the ongoing worldwide deadly pandemic

situation, the coronavirus which has also

terrorised Citizens Globally leading to the

collapsed economy’s of several States

Worldwide, with over twelve billion school going

Children staying at home for several months

with no clear back to school strategies while

maintaining health guidelines.

Early September the year 2020, a youthful

school going young Kenyan was arrested by the

Country dreaded Anti Terror Unit, allegedly on

his way to join the outlawed Al shabaab terror

outfit within Kenyan border with the Republic of

Somali and after being arraigned before

Nairobi’s Senior Principal Magistrate at

Milimani, the school going future leader

admitted to have been intentionally recruited to

join Alshabaab, by the terrorist group contact

person at the Coastal Region of Kenya.

What surprises the deadly Anti Terror Unit in the

Country is that, the youthful wannabe

Alshabaab terror group member admitted to

wanting to join the terror group and insisted for

a speedy sentence to jail, which is a very hash

penalty of a minimum 20 years jail term or life

imprisonment / death sentence.

The Convict will be arraigned before the lower

criminal court early next week for mitigation

and sentencing and he also requested that his

next of kin should not be contacted raising a lot

of doubts whether the confessed terror

suspected is hiding some information from the

Anti Terror Dreaded Unit or is just seeking a

safer refuge from the ruthless terrorist group?

And on Wednesday 09th the year 2020 at 2.17 pm East Africa Time, two youthful swahili speaking schoolgoing form three students, Swalleh Ali Swalleh and Abdallah Athman Dumila, both over eighteen years old, holders of Kenyan National Identity cards, from a well-off families and residents of Lamu County Kenya.

The two Swalleh and Athman were intercepted

by the Country Hawk eyed Anti Terror unit

guarding and patrolling the border of Kenya and

Somali while en-route to Somali, where they

were arrested and upon interrogation, they

confessed to have been lured by the same

terror recruiter based at the Coastal region who

is also alleged to have facilitated there

movement to join Alshabaab in Somali.

The two school going form three terror

suspects who confessed to the Country

dreaded Anti terror unit, were arraigned before

Nairobi’s Senior Principal Magistrate Synkian

Tobiko at Milimani Law Court under a

miscellaneous application filed by the State

Prosecution, before the Lower criminal Court

seeking to be granted more days to complete

preliminary investigations, where their prayers

were granted by the duty court.

And upon completion of the preliminary

investigations under strict conditions granted

by the duty Court, the State Prosecution may

prefer charges against the school going

youthful terror suspects pending speedy trial.

It’s a reality check within the Country after

parents Nationally were naturally forced by the

deadly World coronavirus pandemic to stay

with their Children at home for several months,

an opportunity which has opened a Pandora

box of weakness, poor parenting and child

upbringing in the society by majority of parents

in the Country, who burden the Country

suffering Teaching fraternity with their unruly


The Kenyan Government through the Ministry of

Education and Internal Security has been

constantly reminding parents to monitor the

behaviours of their children and try to nurture

them into responsible future prominent

citizens as the number of impregnated school

going girls increases .

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