South Sudan coalition Government to be formed today. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

With a call from the President, General Salva

Kiir humbly urging over two million South

Sudan Nationalities who fled to the

Neighbouring States to return and build their


The 12 million populated new Country in

African Continent and oil reach State generated

a civil strife which led to millions of Citizens

fleeing and an estimated over four hundred

thousands being slaughtered in a

disagreement between Rebel leader Riek

Machar and President Salva Kiir .

South Sudan was formally created and formed

in the year 2005 in Kenya by Garang Demabior

after the wrangling parties South Sudan and

Sudan signed an agreement at Nyayo National

Stadium opening a new era, new State and lots

of opportunities in waiting .

Whereby several Kenyans crossed to the arid

boundaries with a mission to invest and build

the new Country by investing in all sectors,

such as Hotel industry, providing building

materials ‘like the hardwares’, skills and


With a wide spread of abuses, where the new

Nation has been severally accused by

International Organizations for recruiting Child

Soldiers and rampant sexual violence and

abuses committed by it’s own Soldiers.

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, history will be

rewritten as the new South Sudan Nation

leaders will put aside their interests for the sake

of a peaceful Nation in uniting and coming

together by forming a coalition Government.

Where the rebel leader Rieck Machar will be

named for the second time as the Country first

Deputy President, with challenge of integrating

the rebel soldiers into the Government Army .

The deadline for forming a unity Government

was scheduled for February 22nd the year 2020

after several adjournments leading to warnings

and sanctions from developed Nations.

South Sudan became a new Country after a

General from the Government of Sudan Army

General Garang Demabior who died in a

chopper crash after occupying the office in 21

days and fought for 21 years to liberate the

South, was send by his Commander in Chief the

embattled Omar Al Bashir to quel the mutiny in

the South instead joined the rebel in quest for a

new independent Nation, South Sudan.

The new Coalition Government of South Sudan

will be formed on Saturday 22nd February 2020,

and President Salva Kirr will appoint Riek

Machar as his powerful assistant after

dissolving his cabinet.

The five year conflict witnessed majority of two

million being displaced and about four hundred

thousands Citizens being killed.

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