Jamal Khashoggy fiance testifies before a committee in Washington. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Murdered Journalist Jamal Khashoggy’s fiance while testifying before a committee in Washington over his death.

Urged the US Government to speedily initiate investigations and prosecute his killers.

As the US President came under criticism for defending the Government of Saudi Arabia in exchange of trade.

Hetice Cengiz Jamal’s wife also demanded to know the whereabout of his husband body.

It is alleged that Journalist Jamal Body was chopped into pieces and dissolved using chemicals.

While Turkey insisted that the Saudi Arabia Government planned and executed Journalist Jamal in Saudi Arabia Consulate in Turkey.

Following Global pressure from different powerful Nations and threats to stop business deals, boycott of products.

Led to Saudi Government through their Saudi Arabia State Media to admit and publicly announced to the world that, asylum seeker Journalist Jamal Khashoggi died inside the Saudi Consulate after a fight.

The announcement was made at 1.54 am East Africa Time as a breaking news, with the Saudi also confirming several arrests made.

it is being alleged that fighting with a group of people inside the consulate led to his death.

A version Turkey Government termed as fabrication, lies from Saudi Arabia Government.

The Turkey homicide confirmed to the World that, they have evidence, they know and are aware who killed and how the Journalist the late Jamal was brutally killed.

Saudi Arabia State Media made the announcement after Britain, France and USA threatened lethal action.

It is now official and confirmed, the missing New York Times Correspondent Saudi Journalist a critic of Saudi Government is dead.

Jamal met his death through a fight, Saudi Arabia State media Confirmed but the whereabout of Jamal body is yet to be told.

The death drama is still developing with several suspects believed to be behind the fight being arrested and prosecuted together with officials working at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey, Istanbul .

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