Graduands, with no jobs and no financial power to create their own businesses and make ends meet. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT

Allan Chesang the Founder of Allan Chesang Foundation. PHOTO /ALLAN CHESANG FOUNDATION


By Allan Chesang (African Times Guest Writer)

An estimated 800,000 Kenyan youth join the

labour market each year whereas

unemployment amongst the youth is

approximated to be at 35% comparable to the

overall national unemployment rate of 10%.

This figures are staggering, yet there is hope


Each and every one of us has a natural knack or

gift or talent at something. Anything. If not

talent, then each one of us has the ability to

learn a skill of trade.

When you are caught between a rock and a

hard place, then you realise that the will to

survive does kick in.

Ask yourself, what am I good at? What can I do,

at ease that can earn me income? No matter

how small at first. Because what’s important is

taking that first step. Let us stop looking at the

whole picture for a minute. Let us stop thinking

about moving from step zero to step a hundred

all at once. Instead let us look at moving from

step zero to step one. One step at a time.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one

step. Then a step at a time, we shall find that

we are actually moving forward. It is so

important to move forward always. What’s that

saying? If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run,

walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. As long as you

keep moving forward.

So have some alone time to think and analyse

yourself critically. What am I good at? Gifted at.

Growing up, at school, what did your fellow

students casually comment on your gifts? What

did your teachers say you are naturally good at?

Is it writing, drawing, and sports? Is it music,

drama? If you can’t think of anything, then let us

open our minds to learning a new skill.

In the world we live in today, there are a lot of

things that we can do. Be it digital marketing,

be it the beauty industry. Identify what you are

good at, then market yourself. Don’t be shy. Ask

for help. Beggars are not choosers. Network.

Dare to put yourself out there.

Then before you know it, you have moved from

step zero to step one, then step two. If before

you didn’t have a thousand Ksh. Now you earn

that a thousand. You will fill such joy. Such

pride. That will propel you to move to step two.

Then step three. And as time moves by, you find

that you actually have a running business that

is earning you income.

Then you get capital to expand your trade. Do

more on a larger scale. Then before you know it,

the workload becomes too much for just one

person, and you hire help. You just created

employment! That is creativity .That is


For those of us who are blessed with the

capability to create employment urge you to

take a chance at our Kenyan youth. With

caution obviously, but remember, many a folk

strive for high ideals. Thus your calculated risk

may just turn into a profitable venture.

Give that friend you know that job you need


That assignment you need get done. Give the

youth a chance. They are the future. And they

may surprise you with their talent, and natural

gifts. Let us support the local traders rather

than rushing to import.

As consumers, let us buy from that local

manufacturer instead of going for that

expensive imported product.

Let us support our own. Because we have the

solution in our hands. Right here. We just have

to think outside the box. Push ourselves beyond

our comfort zone.

The human brain is malleable and expandable

to accommodate the need to survive. Necessity

is the mother of invention. Where there is a will,

there is always a way. Let us do this!

(Allan Chesang is a commentator on socio-political issues and the Founder of Allan Chesang Foundation)

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