It’s almost impossible to to think or try to impeach the President or the Deputy President of Kenya in line with the Constitution. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Driven by fear of the numbers of elected leaders /nominated the Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto commands against the loyal elected/nominated leaders in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta, the MPs supporting the leadership of the head State panicked and are scheming back to the drawing board.

The recent meeting held at Naivasha in Nakuru County Kenya by elected leaders loyal to the second in Command, where the leadership of the ruling Jubilee party through their Secretary General dismissed, sent shock waves to their opponents where allegations of schemes to impeach the head of State is being rumoured was hatched.

While to the Organisers of the Naivasha get together /alleged party retreat and the attendees, has come out strongly to dispel the rumours of impeachment and being indiscipline by informing the Country, that they were in a retreat to plan for their own Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rally to oppose any political positions being fronted to reward election losers.

To impeach the President or the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, the mover of the motion must have solid grounds in line with the Constitution and Marshall two thirds ( over 230) of elected /nominated National Assembly Representatives both in the Upper House and the lower House, which the Deputy President is in control at the moment, save for the situation of the impeached Kiambu County Governor Waititu which is totally a different ball game.

The ongoing BBI crusade within the Country must be based to remove the notion of winner takes it all and the election injustices and chaos /violence that has refused to fade away for the benefits of the Kenyan Citizens, including reforming the Country Independence Electoral Boundary Commission (IEBC) and not the divisive popularising of the alleged BBI, where the Kenyan Citizens have been denied a chance to air their views and politicians highjacking the forums with others being ejected and denied space to talk.

Article 150 of the 2010 New Constitution in clause 1 (a) (b) i, ii, iii, clause (2), in clause 2 of article 150, the provisions of articles 144 and 145 relating to the removal of the President shall, apply with the necessary modifications, to the removal of the Deputy President, clause 1 states that physical or mental incapacity to perform the functions of the Deputy President .

Gross violation of the provision of the Kenyan Constitution or any other law in the land, serious reasons to believe that the Deputy President has committed a crime under National or International laws and must be proved save from rumours, well organised malice to destroy reputations or allegations from mischievous Kenyans and elected Politicians or simply gross misconduct.

The functions of the Deputy President is clearly stated in Article 147 clause (1) ,(2), (3), (4) where it states that the Deputy President shall be the principal assistant of the President and shall deputise the head of State in executing Presidential functions in line with the new Constitution.

The Deputy President in clause 2 of the Constitution shall perform the functions conferred by the 2010 new Constitution of the Republic of Kenya and any other functions of the President as the President may assign.

And in article 134 of the 2010 New Constitution of Kenya, when the President is absent or is temporarily incapacitated and during any other periods that the President decides, the Deputy President shall act as the President. In a nut shell the Deputy President is protected by the Constitution same as the Head of State and very powerful.

For anybody or an elected leader to think, want or decide to move a notice of motion to impeach the President or the Deputy President must have solid grounds and the process is cumbersome where by, the Senate must be convinced, deliberate on the outcome of the National assembly on valid grounds before taking a vote for the removal of the two powerful Personalities .

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