The most protected Office of the Deputy President Harambee House Annex, where criminals has turned it into there den of conning innocent Kenyans and foreigners hundreds of millions. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

The protected house in the Country has

suddenly grabbed the headlines for four good

days for the wrong reasons.

Harambee House Annex, the office of the

second in command has allegedly been turned

into a den where criminals freely conduct their

activities by allegedly conning innocent

Kenyans and foreigners hundred of millions.

Kenyan Trade union Boss (COTU) Brother

Francis Atwoli is very much disturbed how the

protected office in the Country is being turned

into a den, where criminals conduct their

activities without being noticed by the

occupiers of the office, only for the complainant

to cry foul later after being swindled hundreds

of millions.

The latest scandal where Sacked Cabinet

Secretary Rashid Echesa is believed to have

conducted shady deals at Harambee House

Annex, the Office of the Kenyan Deputy

President William Ruto is very disturbing.

The Country Chief Investigator the Director of

Criminal Investigations must cast his net wider

to nail the culprits and end the ongoing shame

in the Country, where public offices are being

turned into places of conducting criminal


Siaya County Senator James Orengo publicly

declared while addressing members of the

fourth estate that what happened at Harambee

House Annex was unbelievable in the History of

the Nation and the Director of Criminal

Investigation should seal, order occupiers to

vacate and Harambee House Annex treated as

a crime scene.

Sevaral scandals is alleged to have been

conducted at one of the most protected office

Harambee House Annex, whereby imposters

have been collecting money from innocent

Kenyans with a promise that they will connect

them to meet the Deputy President William


Makindu based Businessman Stephen Ngei lost

property worth over 300 million Kenya shillings

where alleged criminals purporting to be

working at the office of the Deputy President

armed with tender documents allegedly

originating from the Office of the Deputy

President obtained 2,800 pieces of Hp 8 series

laptops worth over 300 million Kenya shillings.

Where the Director of Criminal Investigation

launched a man hunt and arrested six suspects

and all were charged in the year 2018 with the

hearing of the case dragging after Investigators

handling the matter being transferred

immediately the trial Court sets the hearing


Joy Wangari Kamau, Wambua Matata, Allan

Chesang, Teddy Awiti, Kevin and Jonah Ochieng

who was employed at the Deputy President

office in Procurement department were all

charged and freed after pleaded not guilty

pending the trial which has never stated since


The Businessman Stephen Ngei after the

alleged laptop scandal, where he was promised

that the Office of the Deputy President ordered

for the tender was left poorer and now is

struggling to make ends meet, after he

borrowed the money from the bank to facilitate

the tender in the Government office with hopes

of good return.

The Makindu Motors Businessman Stephen

Ngei was reduced into a beggar after losing

everything he had to the bank for the loan


Another prominent businessman Charles Gathii

from Kiambu County was conned 116 million

Kenya shillings at the same Harambee House

Annex the Office of the Deputy president.

This time by a lady purporting to be working at

both State House and Harambee House Annex.

Charles Gathii met Joy Wangari Kamau at

Harambee House Annxe in 2019 where he was

conned hundred of millions that he will get a

tender to supply Harambee House Annex with

laptops which failed to materialise.

The suspect Joy Wangari Kamau this time

using a different name was charged in late

2019 at Kiambu Law Court after several search

where she was on the run for a year after

jumping bail.

And the shocking incident at Harambee House

Annex, a Swiss National was swindled good

fortune after conmen took him to Harambee

House Annex with a promise they will sale gold

to him and at Harambee House Annex he will

also get the licence to trade in Gold within the

East African Region.

The Lugari Member of Parliament Ayub Savula

without hesitation demanded that the Deputy

President should immediately present himself

to the Director of Criminal Investigations to

record a statement over the allegations at his

Office Harambee House Annex.

As Former Kibwezi Legislator Kalembe Ndile in

a hash tone called for the President Uhuru

Muigai Kenyatta to act against the vice, and the

victims be compensated immediately.

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