Kitui Governor Charity Kaliku Ngilu has called for the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto to step aside over mega scandal in his Office Harambee House Annex. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Chris Ojow

Kitui County Governor the Iron lady and former

Presidential Candidate on Social Democratic

Party (SDP) and now with another party

National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) Charity

Kaliku Ngilu has called for the resignation of

the Kenyan Deputy President over alleged mega

scandal in his Office at Harambee House


The Governor was also disturbed by the

happenings going round over abuse of the

public office by alleged conmen conducting

their criminal activities in the office of the

second in command in the Country .

Through a press statement sent to media

outlets globally, the Kitui County Governor

called for the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto

to step aside from the public office and humbly

pave way for investigations to be carried out

until the matter is determined through a Court

of law in the Country.

Ngilu further stressed that In line to chapter six

of the 2010 new Constitution of the Republic of

Kenya on integrity, it is wise for the second in

command after admitting through his tweeter

account in social media that such ugly

incidents took place in his office to pave way

for independent investigations and he should

fully cooperate with the law enforcement units.

Governor Ngilu was equally shocked by the

revelations of the intrigues at the second

highest and protected office in the Country for

intentionally turning a blind eye on the criminal

activities being planned at Harambee House

Annex .

Ngilu termed the vice as shame before the

Kenyan hardworking tax payers and called for

the office of the Deputy President Harambee

House Annex through Dr. William Ruto to first

apologise to Kenyans.

The Governor further stressed that a

businessman at Makindu by the Name Stephen

Ngei lost a fortune after he was duped through

the same office of the Deputy President William

Ruto to supply 2,800 pieces of HP 8 series

Computers worth over 300 million Kenya


And up to date the businessman has been

reduced to begging to make ends meet after the

Bank where he took a loan to meet the alleged

tender supply to the Deputy President office

turned out to be a hoax and a con-game.

Chapter six of the new Constitution of Kenya,

leadership and integrity where it stresses on

responsibilities of both elected leaders and

appointed ones.

In article 73 clause 1 (1) a, b and (2) a, b, c, d, e,

where it states in brief that, authority assigned

to a state officer, is a public trust to be

exercised in a manner that is consistent with

the purpose.

And demonstrates respect for the people by

bringing honour to the Nation and dignity to the

office where it promotes public confidence in

the integrity of the office.

Must be ready to serve the people with honour,

rather than power and adhere to the guiding


Discipline, accountability, honesty, objectivity

and impartiality in decision making and not

being influenced by nepotism, favouritism or

corrupt practises.

The office of the Deputy President Dr. William

Ruto breached chapter six of the Constitution

and the only way to fix the damage is by

stepping aside.

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