The United Nations as it’s turns 75, it has received several endorsement from 27 Kenya CEO’S pledging to support it’s Agenda and working relationships. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT

Allan Chesang the Founder of Allan Chesang Foundation and CEO. PHOTO /CORRESPONDENT


By Allan Chesang (African Times Guest Writer)

In global affairs, multilateralism means an

agreement of many countries with the same

goal. Also, multilateralism is a diplomatic word

that means cooperation between a number of


Multilateral trade agreements are business

treaties among more than two states .As

multilateralism is on a global

scope, multilateral policies are diplomatically

demanding but have great benefit once they are


For one, multilateral agreements make all

parties treat one another in the same way. It

increases business for all member countries.

Their businesses enjoy lower tariffs which

make their exports discounted. It regulates

market protocols for all the trade parties.

Companies save on legal costs since the same

trade rules apply in all the member countries.

Furthermore, in multilateral agreements states

can discuss trade treaties with several

countries at the same time, hence getting one

agreement, which covers several nations,

approved in one go. 

Another benefit relates to emerging markets.

Multilateral trade agreements help to

strengthen emerging markets which in turn

helps the developed economy with time. This is

because as those emerging markets become

developed, their middle class population

increase thus creating new wealthy consumers

for everyone.

In a show of support for inclusive

multilateralism and the United Nations (UN), 27

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from Kenya

signed an endorsement statement from

Business Leaders, for Renewed Global


The UN general assembly held a high-level

meeting to celebrate its 75th anniversary. At the

opening of the Private Sector Forum, the CEO

and Executive Director of the UN Global

Compact, Sanda Ojiambo, presented the

endorsement statement to UN Secretary-

General, António Guterres.

“The Statement is a resounding endorsement of

inclusive multilateralism. In no uncertain terms,

it says that cooperation must cross borders,

sectors and generations for us to adapt to

changing circumstances.

In the course of just one month after we issued

the Statement, it has been signed by 1,294

CEOs from large, medium and small enterprises

in virtually every industry and region. We deeply

appreciate their commitment to global

cooperation at a pivotal time for the UN and the

world at large.” said Sanda Ojiambo.

The UN turned 75 years old at a time when the

world is experiencing unprecedented levels of

disruption and transformation. These strange

times call for a need for international

cooperation which must be organised across

borders, sectors and generations, as the world

adapts to these changing circumstances.

“We, the business peoples, recognize that

peace, justice and strong institutions are

beneficial to the long-term viability of our

organizations and are foundational for

upholding the Ten Principles of the UN Global

Compact and achieving the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs).

Now is our opportunity to learn from our

collective experiences to realign behind the

mission of the UN and steer our world onto a

more equitable, inclusive and sustainable path.

(Allan Chesang is a commentator on Socio-

Political issues and is also the Founder of Allan

Chess ng Foundation)

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